Headlines, aspects, to be covered?

by Henrik Blomgren

Why not starting of a project like this simple by adding some key-words, phrases and terms that I think ought to be covered. Not the least in order to get it out from my system and be able to focus. So here is a messy, but still, list, totally without structure (guess it will change during the road…not the least grow):

– Leadership without a target is not leadership (it is something else…management maybe), then how to set a target in a world of disruption and continous messy transformation?

– Investmentdescisions (Resources): ROI, Business Case and Beliefe

– The Leadership toolbox (Look on politics): Rules/Laws, Resources/Investments, Structures, People (Recruiting, keeping, hiring, firing), Words…what change due to digitalisation belong to wich category?
– We live in times where you get a medal for claiming future can not be predicted, but is that really true? Assume it was true…
– Australia, the rabbit…and the Arrow.
– There is nothing as practical as a good theory.
– Strategy in terms of running on belief.
– Glassdoor, The anomaly of Donald Trump, Rate-My-Professor, Kathy Molpole, United Broke my guitarr, Jack Ma, Swedes, Cambridge Analytica, AI, The Arabic Spring, Media. And far more to add here…
– Get your hands of my ROI.
– Going live vs Online when digital first.
– How come some get their gut feeling right?
– Positions on the business landscape.
– Taking Risk versus playing safe.
– Default to yes means what?
– No manager, ever ever ever, do make a desiscion without a model of reality in her/his head…the only difference is the ones being aware of it. So we better be aware of the models we carry around.
– Trust, Curiosity, Levarage, Scale, Nakedness, Hierarchy, Boarders within and between
– Words, words, words.
– Descisions: Not only about “how”, knowing about “what”.
– Descisions is a model, not to be mixed up with reality.
– Not leaders, neither leadership, but what leads increase the repertoar of actions possible to take.
– Traffic is King but Content is King Kong.
– Oneliners, metaphores and analogies.
– When the telephone came.
– Luther and the printing machine, and what actually did happen then.
– Presence, being where they are.
– Giving the time needed for it to find its way.
– It is difficult to learn but more difficult to re-learn.
– Running the bike backwards.
– Numbers don´t count in the age of digital transformation.