Learning from Trump

by Henrik Blomgren

Yes, Twitter is an important tool in his life, and work.

But it is the way he uses it that do capture my interest. Because…How can I claim that we live in a transparent world, and then Trump manages to use Twitter as a “one-line-communication-tool”?

There is a heavy interesting anomaly to be used here to understand more.

I think it has to do with the ones “being lead” as well as the particular kind of position he is in power for. But what? And what else?

There must be something of interest here concerning leadership we can learn, simply by analysing the way he uses Twitter. How come it works? Does it work? In what way does it work? What kind of effects does it have? Does it have effect? Is it something in the time in witch we are living in that makes it possible for him to use Twitter the way he does? If so, what is that?

And why did he pick…Twitter, out of all possible tools?

And by the way: trends is often set by known ones…has his use of Twitter spread to other people with power? If so to whom, why and how?