The Arabic Spring

by Henrik Blomgren

If leadership is, as I think it should be, to be seen as something like “getting to a place where we are not yet”, then leadership is about change. No change, no leadership so to speak. And if that is the case, then I guess I can understand for myself why I do think the Arabic Spring is of interest here. You can say what you like about, but if you don´t call that change, then I don´t know what change is.

It is fairly publically known that Twitter was an important tool for the Arabic Spring to happen. Without it, no fast way for all people involved to communicate, gather, move etc…hence: No Arabic Spring. It is also fairly publically known that one of the things the previous regime tried to do when it started, was to close down mobile telephony systems and to close down the internet. With the consequences of other actors working heavily in parallell but in order to keep the traffic up and running.

Does it not tell us something of importance about Leadership in a digital world?

And by the way…when will something similar happen to a company?

Or…has it already?