This is a site for a totally open project called something like “I´m workning on a book to be”. I will be finished around christmas 2018 and it will be about “Leadership 3.0 – Managing in a world of Digital Transformation”, or whatever it will be called when it is finished. In mean time why not call it “Prime Moving Notes”? Or maybe you have a better idea?

The thing is: Part of the message, and a reason for writing the book, is that I serioulsy belive that leadership as such is changing (and must…and will), due to digitalisation. Nowadays we are all digitally connected and leaders thereby live in a “transparent world” if you like, and that has consequences I am writing about in the book. In short: We all need to re-learn leadership.

Historically this is not new. Leadership have always been closely connected to technology and when new technology comes, leadership change. But it is needed to put words on it in todays setting and that is what I will try to do here.

On top of that Im definitely not alone claiming this nowadays. But I still belive, at least hope, I will have something to add to that topic not raised. Issues not raised, yet.

Having that said: Is it not resonable that also I myself is trying to live that “message”? Yes, of course it is.

And therefor, this time when writing a book, I will do it totally open…here!

Scary I know. Different than sitting alone in the closet until it is finsished. But good for me I think.

Having that said I do really think that the format of a blogg is a great way to do it. Hence this site with the help of the bloggtool WordPress.

So welcome to join, participate, or just follow the process and sit on my back. All of it is most likely good for me, and makes the book better.

If you want to feedback me in private or find me physically it is easy via the net, for instance at LinkedIn (if you also want to check my bio, of course it is there), or at KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden, where I do work (at the department for Management). Or use henbloATKTH.se. I really try to be as open as I can be.

Henrik Blomgren