Of course I´m interested hearing what you expect out of this publically-writing-a-book-project but that you can tell me in a comment below of whatever – and please do. So, here are some of my own expectations instead (indicating what I, at this moment, think you should be able to expect from my side of the coin):

1. To be finshed before christmas 2018 (of course I will).
2. To write about stuff of importance (and skip the kind of ballony you already find in lot of management-literature).
3. To write about aspects I still have not seen covered yet by others (why write something that is already written?).
4. To make the process of writing it as fun as possible, full of curiosity (a great driving force), and learning lot of new stuff myself.
5. Go for the core (No, I will not tell you to get a certain social media-acount, or whatever).
6. To write a book that I myself will be able to read 5 – 10 years later, and still find of relevance.
7. To cover lot of practical cases, experiences, people, and interesting phenomenon I have stumbled upon etc (it will not be published in an academic journal).
8. To be able to write something useful for practitioners.
9. For this blog to continously change on the way forward (I will probably go like “Huffington Post”, meaning: write something, and then maybe change that writing later, and then republish it, or delete it…it all depends on what happens here. ).
10. What else should I (or you?) expect from myself?