It came to my mind, already during the first day of this project: I should create a separate corner for personal reflections on what this project do to me. I also think it might help me in the learningprocess as such, simply because I also directly start thinking about “how do my own learningpoints relate to the topic of the book?” So here there might become a list in the end full of my personal learningpoints from the project as such:

  • Alread the first day I did realise that I had raised my own bar…heavily! I have read huge amounts of books on leadership myself (and I think that lot of them are…there is gazillions of them out there), have had several management-positions in life, and do have extremely talanted and interestering people that I know do follow this project (and I know that lof of them have similar opinions on leadership-litterature as I have…they would not stand if this book becomes ballony). I hear all these people in my head, directly when I start writing, all the time, and clearer than ever before when writing text. They are unusually present in what I do so to speak. Preliminary conclusion from that: Living in a “transparent world” probably raises the bar for leaders. Hopefully leading to “better leadership” in average. Simply because of the awareness of the fact of transparency. What will be the consequence of that? Leaders speaking less publically than otherwise? Leaders trying to back off from the digital community, maybe with a bad excuse like “this is for others to happen”? Leaders becoming more scared than previously? Leaders becoming “slower” than previously? And the consequences from that? Some of them, the ones daring, or not knowing that this is scary like…getting more leverage than the other ones? New kind of people entering the scene of leadership? Maybe all of this at the same time…at least for a while…untill we all have re-learned?
  • Then I got an idea for how to start the book that I wanted to try, at least keep the idea somewhere. So unexpectadly I started to right the first chapter (something I normally never do…it is the last chapter to right you dummy). Well I give a try and maybe it helps me with focus later on. But yes, I really do think this chapter will look differently when the rest is written.
  • Giving a try is by the way a great idea. If seeing it that way it becomes easier to let it go, leave it for a while, and still keep it.
  • Interesting also for my self to see text in “published form”. Seems like I do take it more serious when I can read it myself in that format.
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