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Learning from Trump

Yes, Twitter is an important tool in his life, and work.

But it is the way he uses it that do capture my interest. Because…How can I claim that we live in a transparent world, and then Trump manages to use Twitter as a “one-line-communication-tool”?

There is a heavy interesting anomaly to be used here to understand more.

I think it has to do with the ones “being lead” as well as the particular kind of position he is in power for. But what? And what else?

There must be something of interest here concerning leadership we can learn, simply by analysing the way he uses Twitter. How come it works? Does it work? In what way does it work? What kind of effects does it have? Does it have effect? Is it something in the time in witch we are living in that makes it possible for him to use Twitter the way he does? If so, what is that?

And why did he pick…Twitter, out of all possible tools?

And by the way: trends is often set by known ones…has his use of Twitter spread to other people with power? If so to whom, why and how?



The Arabic Spring

If leadership is, as I think it should be, to be seen as something like “getting to a place where we are not yet”, then leadership is about change. No change, no leadership so to speak. And if that is the case, then I guess I can understand for myself why I do think the Arabic Spring is of interest here. You can say what you like about, but if you don´t call that change, then I don´t know what change is.

It is fairly publically known that Twitter was an important tool for the Arabic Spring to happen. Without it, no fast way for all people involved to communicate, gather, move etc…hence: No Arabic Spring. It is also fairly publically known that one of the things the previous regime tried to do when it started, was to close down mobile telephony systems and to close down the internet. With the consequences of other actors working heavily in parallell but in order to keep the traffic up and running.

Does it not tell us something of importance about Leadership in a digital world?

And by the way…when will something similar happen to a company?

Or…has it already?


Headlines, aspects, to be covered?

Why not starting of a project like this simple by adding some key-words, phrases and terms that I think ought to be covered. Not the least in order to get it out from my system and be able to focus. So here is a messy, but still, list, totally without structure (guess it will change during the road…not the least grow):

– Leadership without a target is not leadership (it is something else…management maybe), then how to set a target in a world of disruption and continous messy transformation?

– Investmentdescisions (Resources): ROI, Business Case and Beliefe

– The Leadership toolbox (Look on politics): Rules/Laws, Resources/Investments, Structures, People (Recruiting, keeping, hiring, firing), Words…what change due to digitalisation belong to wich category?
– We live in times where you get a medal for claiming future can not be predicted, but is that really true? Assume it was true…
– Australia, the rabbit…and the Arrow.
– There is nothing as practical as a good theory.
– Strategy in terms of running on belief.
– Glassdoor, The anomaly of Donald Trump, Rate-My-Professor, Kathy Molpole, United Broke my guitarr, Jack Ma, Swedes, Cambridge Analytica, AI, The Arabic Spring, Media. And far more to add here…
– Get your hands of my ROI.
– Going live vs Online when digital first.
– How come some get their gut feeling right?
– Positions on the business landscape.
– Taking Risk versus playing safe.
– Default to yes means what?
– No manager, ever ever ever, do make a desiscion without a model of reality in her/his head…the only difference is the ones being aware of it. So we better be aware of the models we carry around.
– Trust, Curiosity, Levarage, Scale, Nakedness, Hierarchy, Boarders within and between
– Words, words, words.
– Descisions: Not only about “how”, knowing about “what”.
– Descisions is a model, not to be mixed up with reality.
– Not leaders, neither leadership, but what leads increase the repertoar of actions possible to take.
– Traffic is King but Content is King Kong.
– Oneliners, metaphores and analogies.
– When the telephone came.
– Luther and the printing machine, and what actually did happen then.
– Presence, being where they are.
– Giving the time needed for it to find its way.
– It is difficult to learn but more difficult to re-learn.
– Running the bike backwards.
– Numbers don´t count in the age of digital transformation.


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